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Christmas Holly | Merry Christmas

Holly is often associated with the Druids, an ancient religious sect in England that centered much of their religious beliefs around nature, with trees and plants considered particularly holy and powerful.

Holly was revered by the Druids since it stayed green all winter long, in fact the Holly trees were referred to as “Evergreens” because of this. Like the Mistletoe, many followers of the Druids believed the Holly plants were magic and they picked them to decorate their houses in the winter (to ward off evil spirits) as well as to fill their homes with the aromatic smell from the Holly branches.>

As time went on the custom of decorating homes with the green Holly branches spread throughout the world, and eventually people started bringing entire Holly trees into their home during the Christmas season and decorating these as “Christmas trees”.

Today, Christmas trees and wreathes can be seen throughout the world during the Christmas season, helping to remind families of the warmth and good cheer associated with Christmas.



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