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Christmas Traditions | Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas.com and Santa presents a selection of Christmas traditions for your enjoyment. Click on any of the links below to read about your favorite Christmas traditions. Try them all to see what tradition you like the best then go to Facebook and Twitter to tell Santa and everyone else which one is your favorite!

Some true stories of great Christmas Traditions:

Christmas TraditionsReal Letters to Santa
Christmas TraditionsLetters to Santa Gift Book
Christmas TraditionsChristmas Trivia
Christmas TraditionsBizarrest Christmas Traditions
Christmas TraditionsHow to Grow Your Own Mistletoe
Christmas TraditionsThe Christmas Story
Christmas TraditionsRudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer
Christmas TraditionsChristmas Tree Facts
Christmas TraditionsOrigins of Santa's Reindeer
Christmas TraditionsFamous Nativity Paintings
Christmas TraditionsChristmas Greeting
Christmas TraditionsIs There Really a Santa Claus
Christmas TraditionsHistory of the Christmas Tree
Christmas TraditionsMistletoe
Christmas TraditionsWinter Festival Traditions
Christmas TraditionsFruitcake
Christmas TraditionsPoinsettias
Christmas TraditionsChristmas Lights
Christmas TraditionsChristmas Stockings
Christmas TraditionsChristmas Gifting
Christmas TraditionsThe song: 12 Days of Christmas
Christmas TraditionsThe Nativity Scene - Creche
Christmas TraditionsThe Three Wise Men or Kings
Christmas TraditionsThe Gift of the Magi
Christmas TraditionsCountdown to Christmas Calendar
Christmas TraditionsReal Christmas Trees
Christmas TraditionsThe Candy Cane Christmas Symbol
Christmas TraditionsAdvent
Christmas TraditionsChristmas Carols and Caroling
Christmas TraditionsHolly
Christmas TraditionsChristmas Tree and Ornaments
Christmas TraditionsSymbols of Christmas and Christianity
Christmas TraditionsChristmas Cards
Christmas TraditionsChristmas Bells



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