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Christmas Recipes | Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas.com, Santa and our friend gourmet cook Mary Mahar, Moline from Illinois and others presents a selection of Christmas Recipe favorites. As a hardworking mother, grandmother, and great cook, she has used these recipes for years to prepare her family's annual Christmas gathering. Some recipes have been handed down through the generations and are direct from her mother's recipe files. Click on any of the links below to try your favorite Christmas recipes.

Try them all to see what recipes you like the best then go to Facebook and Twitter to tell Santa and everyone else which one is your favorite!

Christmas Recipes Healthy Recipes by Chef Robert Lewis with
American Food Quest


Mary Mahar's favorite Christmas recipes

Christmas Recipes Santa's Best Ever Merry-Christmas Sugar Cookies
Submitted by Miss Mindy M.
Christmas Recipes The Claus’ Cut-Out Christmas Cookies
Submitted by M. S. Claus
Christmas Recipes Christmas Berry Mocha Fudge
A Heavenly Treat.
Christmas Recipes Christmas Sour Cream Potato Salad
Faxed in by Phil "The Heat Miser"
Christmas Recipes Eggnog Bread
Flown in by Carrier Pigeon from King Moon Racer.
Christmas Recipes Apple Pecan Cake
Sent in by Elf Vizz.
Christmas Recipes Baker's One Bowl Chocolate Brownie Christmas Cookie
Sent in by Stacy C.
Christmas Recipes Cherry Fluff
Submitted by Carol.
Christmas Recipes Good Dog Goodies - A Treat for Your Pet.
Submitted by Stacy C.
Christmas Recipes Mary's Christmas Divinity
A recipe handed down through the generations.
Christmas Recipes Favorite Peanut Brittle
A must treat for every Christmas. - from Maggie L.
Christmas Recipes Chocolate - Cherry "Christmas Mice" Cookies
A fun and simple treat to share with friends. - from Holly Y.
Christmas Recipes Mary's Christmas Soup
This recipe makes a soup that has become part of our family Holiday tradition. It is served when everyone has arrived back home and gathered together in our family room.
Christmas Recipes Oyster Stew
A favorite brought up from the south. Thanks to Kathleen M.
Christmas Recipes Cranberry Punch
A good party drink enjoyed by everyone.
Christmas Recipes Candied Cranberries
A good party drink enjoyed by everyone.
Christmas Recipes Red Cabbage Slaw
Colorful and tasty.
Christmas Recipes Mary's Ham Loaf
Not only great for the holidays, this ham load has become a favorite birthday meal.
Christmas Recipes Traditional Baked Ham
Too soon to roast another turkey? Here's a traditional baked ham recipe sent in from a Finnish friend
Christmas Recipes Baked Spinach Casserole
If you like spinach, you will go crazy over this recipe. Guaranteed to put a smile on everyone's face.
Christmas Recipes Gravy Tip
Want to make gravy just like grandma?
Christmas Recipes Christmas Bread
If you have the time, this is an easy bread to make and the loaves can be frozen.


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