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The elves are really busy during the Christmas season. The toy shop and cookie bakery are always going full-steam-ahead! Santa and Mrs. Claus love to listen to the wonderful musical clatter of all the elves' using their tiny golden hammers and their magical silver saws as they make and assemble the many toys.

There is such a wonderful aroma that comes out of the North Pole cookie bakery that it will make your head swim and your mouth water. Nothing beats a good Christmas cookie from Mrs. Claus!

One Christmas, when everyone was so busy, no one noticed a strange thing that happened. Reindeer Dancer pulled Santa aside one day and was very concerned. Dancer pointed to all the icicles hanging outside from the roof edges of the toy shops and cookie bakery. Santa could hardly believe what he was seeing. All of the icicles were shaped like the letter J ! At the North-Pole, some of the icicles get to be over 100-feet long and now there were these huge 'J' shaped icicles everywhere.

All the reindeer thought that this site it was really funny and couldn't stop laughing! They quickly went back to the reindeer barn to get their cameras. Soon the elves took notice. Elf Vizz, Elf McFoo, and Elf Lephant started a game where they were using these J-shaped icicles as sort of snowboard jumping ramp.

Icicle jumping was all the rage for a while! Pretty soon all the elves were outside, climbing on the shop and bakery roofs then sliding down these J-shaped icicles, then flying high in the air. At one time there were at least twenty elves in one big pile! The snowmen, who are very adept at skiing couldn't resist and joined in on the fun. What a crazy scene this became. Even some of the reindeer tried their hand at J-icicle jumping.

Today, the icicles are back to normal but a tradition of making an icicle J-Jump course has become a North Pole Village tradition. No one is sure what causes the icicles to form into the shape of 'J' - but there's a rumor that the prankster Elf McMic, had modified Santa's magical snow powder.

What is great about icicles at the North Pole is that if you break off an icicle from the many hanging around, put the tip of the icicle in your mouth, close your eyes, and then think about a favorite flavor, the icicle magically changes to that flavor!

They are so tasty!


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