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Elf Fahlala is a bit clumsy and Santa is always searching for a task that will keep this mischievous elf really busy. Elf Fahlala is often asked to be in charge of tracking the good kids around the world. Fahlala has become quite an expert on running the Big Green North Pole Computer. Fahlala really tries to do his best-and Santa knows that he is a good elf.

One Christmas, while Fahlala was helping Mrs. Claus bake cookies he accidentally made a big hole in the cookie bakery ceiling!

This is how it all happened.

When Fahlalah was helping Mrs. Claus frost Christmas cookies he was doing a great job and making fancy, twirling swirls with the frosting. His decorating skills were becoming quite a show! Mrs. Claus was very impressed with Fahlalah's work and felt she could let him work on his own for a while. Mrs. Claus tepped out for to feed some candy canes to the reindeer and also to deliver some cookies to the elves in the toy shops. Just after she left, Fahlala had run out of frosting. He really didn't know how to mix a new batch properly like Mrs. Claus could. However, Fahlala felt he could make a special batch of frosting on his own. Fahlala somehow found Santa's small red bag of magical snow powder. This is the magical powder Santa carries with him to sprinkle on the rooftops of houses when there isn't enough snow for the reindeer and sleigh landings. Santa and the reindeer need a good blanket of white snow to land properly and this magical snow powder does the trick (especially in the tropical climates!) Elf Fahlala didn't know about the magic of this powder and it really does look and taste like sugar. He started mixing this magical snow powder it with other Caribbean sugars, Scandinavian butters, and India vanillas...

All we can guess is that this mixture had quite a major reaction with the magical snow powder!

A big green-white ball started to form in Fahlalah's mixing bowl. And then this ball started to grow on it's own. As it got to about the size of a beach ball it started to float! It was rising into the air on it's own. Fahlala tried to rescue his frosting and jumped on top! Unfortunately, it took him to the top of the tall ceiling in the cookie bakery! Elves, reindeer and snowmen all came running when Fahlala began frantically ringing his emergency elfin bell (every elf has one) and the crowd of would be rescuers dashed in - and there, stuck way up high was Fahlala hanging on for his dear life onto this growing ball of frosting!

Of course the elves began giggling at this site and didn't want to rescue him a first. Some of the elves ran to get their photo cameras and others grabbed their video recorders! The reindeer were laughing so hard that the floor was shaking! Mrs. Claus came, cried out, "Oh Dear!" and she almost knocked over the other frosting bowls when she witnessed this strange site.

Fahlala was rescued, of course, by reindeer Cupid - (he's a great flyer) but when Fahlala he let go of that ball of frosting it just kept going up and it crashed through the roof of the bakery! Today the members of the North-Pole village really don't know where this big frosting ball is located...

Santa does ask to let him know if you happen to see this frosting ball in the sky. Some children have written, and have said they can see this ball as a bright green flash in front of a setting sun. Santa will send some of the reindeer to retrieve this if you see it and for sure, Fahlala will be very relieved when it's found.

But one must not worry, for Fahlala's was assured by engineers at NASA that the magical cookie frosting ball will eventually fall back down to earth.

However, you might see it orbiting up in the sky some night...


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