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One thing that is not very well known is that the North-Pole reindeer are very musical. Many people are surprised when they visit the North Pole that they witness many reindeer groups getting together to sing and play Christmas songs. Reindeer Prancer has really been active as a musician. He's always making up his own holiday songs. Prancer is an expert at rhyming words and being able to tap out a melody with his four hooves. Prancer can often be seen singing and dancing around our magical grove of the North Pole 100-foot pine trees. He sings some pretty funny tunes to himself. Often he's off in one of the magical toy shops entertaining the elves with a made-up dance routine.

He loves to sing out loud, especially when he's flying solo around the trees and knocking snow off the tree tops. It's common to see all these snow-covered pine trees that been cleared of snow on the top yet still have white snow on their bottom branches. What a site!

With the encouragement of Elf Camada (our resident jazz piano player) Prancer has founded our first magical reindeer North Polar Band. Rudolph and Vixen are calling the band the Roof 'n Top'N-Doodles. What do you think of that for a name?

Mrs. Claus will often bake a batch of oatmeal gum-drop cookies for the band just as long as they perform some of her favorite tunes.

They've made up a few of their own melodies and put new words to popular and classic songs too! One of their most favorite is titled: "Reindeer HOP!" and features our Caribbean Cousin Roony-D-Reindeer. It is this song that gets everyone dancing and Hop'n! However, the band does play a great variety of music.

When the reindeer play, their music bounces off the magical icicles hanging from the toy shop buildings and these icicles start vibrating and making their own humming sound. It kind of sounds like thousands of Stradivarius violins all playing together! Santa has received letters from kids as far as South America and Australia claiming they can hear this violin music at night.

Prancer's recommendation, of course is to hum a favorite melody every time you floss and brush your teeth. Prancer likes to hum the "Reindeer HOP" song too. This hum-while-you-brush advice has really taken on at the North Pole. If you should ever visit the village you will certainly see how snow white is everyone's teeth. Santa says one of his favorite songs to hum while he flosses is Prancer's new song, "The Santa Jig"

What song are you going to hum tonight when you brush and floss?



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