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Merry Christmas |Santa, Christmas Poems, A Letter from Santa

Copyright (c) 1995 by Pat McLaughlin

There was a lad in Ireland
named Mitchell James- the Mooster.
On his Christmas tree one could see,
he housed a Rooster-Booster.

His friends did wonder how it came to be,
that a red-head rooster sat in his tree.
"Why is he perched high in your tree?"
asked Mary Carrie Mackatee.

Said Mitchell, "He's a Christmas Rooster Booster,
can't your eyes plainly see?"
"A Santa Claus - He's here! - Alarm,
that's what he's going to be!"

"I've taught him to awaken
and through his voice he'll crow,
when the Santa sleigh comes flying,
down to our roofs of snow."

"He'll cock-a-doodle dooster,
and crow out to the night,
that Santa Claus is visiting,
with toys, soft and bright."

"He'll cackle up and and cackle down
and cackle awfully awful,"
But then it will awaken me
and down the stairs I'll shuffle."

"You see, I miss ole Santa Claus
every year on his annual trip,
when delivering great Christmas toys
and all my favorite ships."

"But with my Rooster Booster,
I'll know when he arrives."
"And then I'll see ole Santa Claus
with my twinkling eyes!"

So Mitchell Mooster prepared his rooster
the eve of Christmas day.
And went upstairs, into his room,
and on his bed he lay.

He tossed and turned and turned and tossed
while waiting for St. Nick.
He knew that when his rooster crowed,
that he should run so quick.

When the clock struck 12:02 a.m.
there was a big loud "CLATTER!"
Then came the sounds of tiny hoofs,
they all went "pitty-patter!"

The Rooster crowed,
"Cah Coooooh Cah Dooooster!!!!
and cried as only could a rooster,
And woke up Mitchell Mooster.

He sprang from bed then ran downstairs
his eyes were opened bright!
His eyes could not see Santa so well,
when he squinted through the light.

Yet, standing next to Rooster Booster
was Jolly Old St. Nick.
He laughed a great big, "HO, HO, HO!",
for he knew that he'd been tricked!

He laughed again and said to Mitch,
"You must badly want to see me!"
"How did you train a rooster to crow,
and sit still up in a tree?"

Mitch said, "I gave him bread- roof overhead,
and a very special treat."
A mix of candy, chocolate cake,
barley, oats and wheat!"

"I have some here for your reindeer,
and a special treat for you!"
"But promise me you'll eat the treat
when all your trips are through!"

Santa said, "Oh, Ho, Ho
Mitchell Mooster you're a friendly lad to see"
"And here's your ship you wanted most,
from all the elves and me!"

"But I must leave to take Christmas toys
to children everywhere,
"But I'll be back again next year,
so you should take good care."

So Mitchell Mooster and the Rooster
said good-bye to Santa. Claus,
"We'll be here, in one year
with a bigger Rooster... with JAWS!"



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