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Merry Christmas |Santa, Christmas Poems, A Letter from Santa

Copyright (c) 1995 by Pat McLaughlin
Graphics by Leo Kelly


Keenan McBeenan - a bright little child,
to all of his friends was gentle and mild.
Shaping tinfoil into all kinds of toys,
He made special gifts for all girls and boys.
He made big toys for boys
out scraps of hardwood,
and his friends would all say,
"These toys are so good!"

He made Wagons and Dragons
and Dinosaur teeth,
And right before Christmas,
for his mom he made wreaths!

With blocks for docks -
he made boats for moats,
Keenan McBeenan
made battle ship floats.

Ducks out of soap and snakes out of rope,
he fashioned a cane that he sent to the Pope!

Cars out of cartons
discarded as trash,
and trains out of old shoes
he could make in a flash!

One day while thinking, he had a bright thought,
and turned to his mother; her wisdom he sought.

"Mom, with all the fine toys that can be made or be bought,
I wonder if Santa gets toys - a whole lot?
"Why, he spends all year, on the pole, way up North,
Who delivers HIS gifts on December 24th?

His mother looked up and thought for a while;
looking at Keenan with that great big smile.
"Hmmm, don't know who delivers to St. Nick,
I would think that he gets the cream of the pick..."

"With all the toys he delivers Christmas Eve,
there must be a few that the elves surely leave."

"But I think maybe YOU
could make Santa a toy,
I'm sure it would bring him
a lot of great joy!"

This was a challenge for the toy-making boy.
Making a toy for Santa Claus' joy?

"But what kind of toys do Jolly saints play with?
It certainly could make a Santa Claus myth!
"I know!" shouted Keenan, "I have thought a great thought."
"For the best toy to make I must first draw a plot!"

So Keenan McBeenan went right to his task,
and drew out a toy (which included a mask).

Then he called all his friends
to help him collect,
the materials for this great toy
that he was to perfect.

The kids piled up things with silly long strings,
even Dee Gibbon's brought soft balls to fling.

Sammy Kalami brought string, Blue and Red,
plus mittens and hats that wouldn't fit heads.

Sally O'Bally sent bits of pits from mitts that fit;
a feather and heather; (and her mom's make-up kit.)

Ginny G. Goodengough found handles from buckets,
and Tommy Toolami had his dad's broken bits.

Others found sticks
and leaves from the ground;
grabbed rocks from their driveways
then piled a large mound.

The children then gathered the lint from their sweaters,
even Bobby B. Nobby brought collections of letters.

Keenan then started to hammer and glue,
and to fit all these parts - a big job to do!

He drilled and he cut,
he measured and sawed,
he pasted and plastered and fitted with rods.

He was beginning to finish his great Santa Toy
And his friends all gathered and said "Oh, Boy!"
"Your toy is going to be the greatest of all,
and it looks like it's going to be 20-feet tall!"

"I'm done!" said Keenan as he finished the top.
"My toy is ready when Santa does stop!"

His friends had gathered to see the creation,
the looks on their faces was truly elation.

But Brenda O'Denton had a question in mind,
the answer only Keenan McBeenan could find.

"So what do you call this creation you've built?
"It's a cool looking toy sitting on stilts,
but how will I tell my mother and brother?"
"You have to name it one thing or another!"

Keenan had no names for this wonderful contraption.
But he must name it - now that its all done.

He thought hard, he thought soft,
he thought high, he thought low,
but could not name a name,
for the toy, he didn't know.

It's ahh!! Errrrrrrrrrrrrrr...

Ummmmmmmmmmm... Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee...............YES!

"I've got it!" he shouted,
"Why it was so clear!"
"My toy for Santa,
is what you will hear!"

So his friends all gathered
to hear the great name,
for the greatest of toys
was the greatest of games.

Keenan drew a deep breath
for it was a long name to name.
The name is original,
there isn't a same.

"It's an Abacus-Brabacus-Cradle-Dee-Engine,
Xraygun-Yakatun-Zayfrunkgenzoo -

Should I say it again for you?

No! Cried his friends.

Now this is THE End...