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Sticks from your own tree or purchase from the craft store
Bells and bow for the mouth
BIG eyes - the bigger the better
Pipe cleaners to use as eyelashes
Pre-made red bows
Red ball for the nose (or unbreakable Christmas bulb)

The main ingredients of this is TWO green swags. (greenery clumps) You simply twist them together and wrestle them into a shape of a reindeer head. Glue on the eyes and nose and antlers and decorate!

Twist the swags from a T shape until you have your reindeer head. You will have to ‘tweak’ the greenery for the shape.

Stuffing the twigs for the antlers make sure you hot glue to the wires of the swags.

The nose can be wired or hot glued. The eyes need to be centered and glued.

After the eyes, shape and glue the pipe cleaners for eye lashes and eye brows.

The final touch is attaching the pre-made bows to the antlers.

Highlight the reindeer head by spraying with artificial snow.



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