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Three sizes of bubble balls
Trusty glue gun
Elmer’s SPRAY Adhesive or White glue
Two quart-sized bags of artificial snow
A pre-made hat that will fit the smallest bubble ball
Black buttons for eyes
Miniature carrots
Mini Pons (for the mouth)
Felt scraps
Grapevine bow
Optional Candle ring and greens to dress the base

This ONE FOOT snowman uses GLASS graduated bubble balls lined with artificial snow. Your trusty HOT glue gun is used for gluing the snowman into shape. The last step is gluing on the eyes, mouth, buttons and other desired clothing.

First, in a well-vented room, use Elmer’s spray adhesive and spray the inside of the bubble balls and then fill with the artificial snow. Tamping the snow will leave a thin white layer stuck to the inside of the bubble ball.

Being careful to position the balls - spread the rim of the LARGEST ball with hot glue and position the middle ball on top. Do the same with the smallest ball. If you prefer to use the white glue instead of the hot glue gun - you should let it set overnight to dry.

Glue on the hat and the eyes.
Snip of the green on the carrot and glue onto place as the nose.

For the smile put the glue on the glass first then place the Pons on the glue.

For the scarf cut the scrap of felt (or cloth) and glue into place.

Decorate the scarf with the pre-made grapevine bow or other decorations. Use small twigs under the scarf at the sides of the snowman for arms.

Set the snowman in the candle ring and surround the base with greens.



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