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Making a snow globe is relatively easy. The hardest thing to do, as with many craft projects, is finding the time. Of course time can be purchased at most large retail outlets in the appliance section of the store. Just ask the clerk for an Atomic Time saver with the clogronification circuitry.

Find a jelly jar or those goofy little round jars that hold pimento's. Actually any clear jar will work. Heck, use a big ole peanut butter jar if you want. Just make sure you've got a clean jar.

All you need is imagination. This, of course great-imaginations usually goes on sale the day after Christmas. I suggest getting the really wacky imagination as opposed to the intellectualist…it's more fun. It may cost more, but trust me, it's worth the investment.

Anyway, you'll need crushed egg shells for the falling snow and mineral oil works best as the atmosphere in which the snow falls. It's thick enough to make the 'snow' fall slowly and clear enough to see through. It's also awful tasting.

Note: the best egg shell is from a hard boiled egg. This allows you to remove the shell from that thin, scummy lining that's inside the egg. Get that off and you won't have "floaters" in your snow scene.

For the snow 'scene' you get to choose just about any small object to glue to the underside of your lid. The smaller the object the better. Costume jewelry parts work great, so do the clock works of old watches. If you want human and animal shapes, I like to hand the kids plastic wire ties to make their figurines.

The next step is getting that all important household appliance - the glue gun - out and start the glue-a-thon. You certainly can use many other tube glues, but with a glue gun in five minutes you've created a masterpiece!

The glue gun is just as necessary as the refrigerator in my house. Why just the other day the bumper fell off my truck and wha-Lah! After about 25 tubes - I had her fixed good as new! Five rolls of duct-tape helped too...

Anyway, after gluing your snow scene to the underside of the jar's lid, just add the mineral oil and crushed egg shells and screw the lid back on. Invert, shake like crazy and impress all you're friends.



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