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Here’s what you’ll need.

½ to 1 yard of felt.
Red is the color of choice but there’s no rule here.
Individual squares of felt of different colors
Craft stores sell these squares.
Pearl cotton No.#5
This is a thread like material - you’ll also need this thread in brown, green, white and red.
½ yard of ribbon
3/8 inch wide
One-inch by 15 inch scrap of colored fabric for a bow tie.
¼ inch black beads for eyes.
1 inch pom pom
Pins for stitching fabric
(a pinking shears is nice if you have one.)
A Chenille needle
(one with a BIG eye)

The nice thing about making a stocking is that you’re only limited to your imagination. Embellishment of this stocking is easy for kids because anything small can be glued to the stocking. What would we do without a glue gun!! Mixed buttons always add a nice decorative touch for kids.

For unknown patterns it’s best to draw it on paper and cut this out for your template. The stocking is about 16 to 20 inches long and about 11 to 15 inches from the heel to toe. The individual items can be sized according to preference.

Ex: the bear’s hat and present can be oversized for a visual effect.

You will need to cut out the hat, brim, stocking top, the bear, the bear’s arms, the heart and package. Normal colors are green for the stocking, a light brown color for the bear, red for the heart and hat, white for the brim and stocking top and blue or green for the package.

The bear is the first to be glued or stitched to the stocking front. If you stitch, you should use red cotton string. Keep about a two-inch space from the bear’s feet to the bottom of the stocking. Next add the arms just below the neck. The package is centered on the bear and is about an inch or so below the bear’s body. Stitching the package with green gives a good effect here. The hat does not have to be angled but is the next item to be glued or stitched. Follow this with the brim.

You can stitch on the nose or find some kind of satin cloth to make a soft upside down triangle or if you can satin stitch - have at it! The mouth can either be satin stitched, drawn on with a pen or cut out of cloth scrap and glued on.

The heart is pinned for stitching or glued to the stocking cuff. White pearl cotton should be stitched only along the top edge. - the same goes for gluing - you only want to joining the stocking cuff to the stocking front.

With the two stocking halves, pin the front a back together -white blanket stitching is preferred - if using glue stay close to the edge.

Finish off with the bow tie by cutting a 15 inch scrap fabric and tie this in a shoe string bow. Sew or glue on the bear’s neck. The final touch is the pom pom to the tip of the hat and adding any embellishment you like.



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