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1. Put a smiley face in the dust of a co-worker's computer screen.

2. While in your car, honk and give a friendly wave to a total stranger.

3. Find a colorful leaf and put in randomly in your bible. Make a note on next year's calendar to pull out that leaf on June 22 (the first full day of Summer). Then read the passages.

4. Take your kids outside and find Santa in the clouds. Heck, do it on your own. We won't tell!

5. Get your friend or co-workers favorite candy and secretly slip it into their coat pocket. Whatever you do, don't let on that you did it until next June.

6. Use your printer to print out coupons to send to your spouse, kids, friends or co-workers such as:

A. You may call me at home at any odd hour just to say hello!
B. This coupon good for one foot massage.
C. This coupon good for me to "fly and buy" you lunch!
D. This coupon good for you to purchase that favorite dress (or macho male oriented shop tool) even if it is NOT on sale.
E. This coupon good for two days of not making your bed. This coupon good for and extra 1/2 hour to play after bedtime.
F. This coupon good for an good ole American Pig Out lunch. No diets allowed.
G. This coupon good for you to leave the toilet seat up.
H. This coupon negates all toilet oriented coupons.
I. This coupon good for breakfast in bed.
J. This coupon good for you to pick out one of any kind of food item at the grocery store- no questions asked. (not good for alcoholic beverages.)
K. This coupon good for an extended (5 minute minimum) hug.
L. This coupon good for a valid reason not to do the dishes.
M. This coupon good for a pass on your turn to do the dishes.
N. This coupon good for a pass on your turn to cook dinner.
O. This coupon good for a free pass on taking out the garbage with no negative feedback from loved ones.
P. This coupon is renewable, and redeemable for any situation in which you are in trouble with a loved one.

7. Wear two different colored socks today and see how many people notice. When they do call attention to it, award them with a Candy Cane.

8. Make a snowball. Put it in the freezer. Bring it out July 4th. Take bets on how long it will take to melt.

9. Secretly, make a Snow Angel in the front yard of a neighbor or friend. Or in the sand.

10. After a fresh snow fall, find an empty parking lot and see if you can make tracks in the snow and spell out the words SANTA or Merry-Christmas.



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