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Letters to Santa Gift Book

Letters to Santa...

are always a fun read - This book is a collection of letters sent to Santa through

From thousands of emails comes the realization that Santa Claus is truly loved by children all over the world. The magic of the Christmas Holidays and of jolly North Pole elves is truly global and transcends all barriers through these wonderful letters.

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Life's Lessons from Dad

Steve Harper and Pat Flaherty have been close personal friends for over twenty years. Their friendship in the early ‘80s was fostered by a common business relationship. They felt compelled to honor their fathers by sharing some of the advice and conventional wisdom they learned from their fathers.

Pat is one of eight brothers, while Steve is an only child. The Flaherty’s were raised as an Irish Catholic family in Illinois. The Harper’s were a Protestant English (Welsh) family from Kansas. Both developed strong basic values and beliefs that they continue to live each day. Over many years of friendship and lively discussion, they realized that many similarities existed in the way they were raised and in the lessons their fathers shared with them. In their book “Life’s Lessons from DAD” they share these lessons that are timeless, often humorous, and sometimes serious. These lessons shaped their minds, developed their personalities, and greatly influenced and affected those around them.

The beliefs and values of their fathers was shaped by some of the greatest events in the 20th century: The Great Depression; World War II; The Korean Conflict; and the great economic expansion of the 1950s, 1960s, and 1970s; they saw flight change from biplanes to spacecraft; communication from party telephone lines to the Internet; and business machines change from typewriters with carbon paper to powerful personal computers. Despite the changes that went on around them, their fathers remained grounded in their clear beliefs of right and wrong, the importance of family, and service to their communities. In these beliefs, their dads were no different from millions of other dads who fought the daily battles of life in the best way they knew how, and went to bed each night confident that their sacrifices would provide a better life for their children.

At the time, they never realized what an impact these lessons we were learning would have on them, but in reflection they have shaped their lives and helped to make them better family members and citizens. This book is broken into chapters including Family & Marriage, Friendship, Education / Learning, Personal Development / Self-Help, Business / Work, Community, Spirituality, and Common Sense, but the advice they were given never came in alphabetical order; it was given to drive home a specific lesson in a specific situation. We could go on at length in this introduction, but as both of our dads would say, "Don't take all day to do a two-hour job." We hope that by sharing these lessons with you, we will help to rekindle some of the warm memories of your youth with your dad.

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