"Santa's Ride" Resin Figurine
Price: $45.99

Dressed in a "leather" motorcycle jacket, boots and a cap, Santa wears goggles pushed back but keeps his classic look with a white beard and green pants. He's ready to ride with a motorcycle toy in ... more info.

"July Birthstone Angel" Resin Figurine
Price: $7.99

This petite angel is uniquely designed with a simulated red ruby and "July" printed on her robe A gift with a personal touch, it shows you put a lot of thought into choosing something special to ... more info.

Pink Piggy Bank
Price: $9.99

Saving coins can be a fun experience, especially when they are tucked inside this pretty and polka-dotted pink piggy bank. With teardrop shaped eyes, it makes a sweet decor accent in bedrooms or ... more info.

"Tons Of Fun" Tuk Elephant Stuffed Animal, 12 Inches
Price: $20.99

Tons of smiles are guaranteed when you give someone this adorable stuffed elephant, so soft and cuddly that you will never forget to grab a quick snuggle. Your loved ones will absolutely adore this ... more info.

Tu Tu Sweet - Auburn
Price: $46.99

There is something unmistakably delicate about a tulle tutu, and this dancing darling in pretty pink pulls off the graceful look in a most delightful way. With her dancing slippers securely laced and ... more info.

"I Love You" Bisque Porcelain Figurine, Girl
Price: $37.99

With soulful eyes and a rose bouquet that's just as abundant and beautiful as the romantic love in her heart, this sweetie pie offers a perfect way to tell someone special exactly how you feel. Long ... more info.

"Isn't Eight Just Great", Age 8, Bisque Porcelain Figurine
Price: $37.99

Part of the Precious Moments Birthday Train, this eager ostrich is popping out with birthday wishes for a special 8-year old. Attaches by pull rope to any of the Birthday Train figurines from the ... more info.

Day Dreams
Price: $44.99

Dream catchers are one of the most well-known and fascinating traditions born from Native American lore. They are believed to let good dreams enter your thoughts while you sleep while trapping ... more info.

"Naughty And Nice" Bisque Porcelain Figurine, Girl
Price: $35.99

Dressed in her most festive red and green attire, this figurine stands upon a base you can rotate to reveal either "naughty" or "nice" Sure to make you smile, this whimsical peek into what might be ... more info.

"Sweet Little Dreamer" Vinyl Doll
Price: $48.99

What a doll! Cozied up in her favorite lavender nightgown with a matching sleeping cap, this blue-eyed beauty and her teddy bear are ready to dream the night away Inspires a heartwarming feeling of ... more info.

"Nestled In Your Love" Bisque Porcelain Figurine, Mother and Son
Price: $60.99

With a darling little boy on her lap while sharing a snuggle on her favorite comfy chair, this is the best part of Mom's day, captured perfectly in this adorable figurine Beautifully capturing a ... more info.

"Little Book of Prayers" Padded Board Book
Price: $9.99

Perfect for little hands to hold, this lovely padded board book inspires children to pray with original Precious Moments illustrations, scriptures from the International Children's Bible and ... more info.

"Scootin' Along, Singin' Our Song" Bisque Porcelain Figurine
Price: $80.99

A happy and stylish couple share a special moment upon their scooter accented with realistic metallic paint in this adorably romantic figurine Honor a whirlwind romance or one that's been slow and ... more info.

"Rapunzel" Resin/Vinyl LED Shadow Box
Price: $25.99

A sweet girl dressed as Disney's Rapunzel stands with her frying pan at the ready, prepared to tackle whatever comes her way within a three-dimensional shadow box that lights up with color changing ... more info.

"Our Love Is One Of A Kind!" Bisque Porcelain Figurine
Price: $35.99

This charming magician holds his cards up for all to see, knowing the true trick to happiness - to love and honor each other, holding nothing up your sleeve When your love can only be described as ... more info.