Girl As Princess Aurora - Rotating Musical
Price: $50.99

Inspired by Disney's "Sleeping Beauty," our rotating musical allows you to enjoy this princess's loveliness from every angle. Plays Tchaikovsky's "Sleeping Beauty, op. 66" as she dances round and ... more info.

"Have A Pawsitively Soleful Christmas" Dated 2017, Bisque Porcelain Ornament, Dog
Price: $25.99

Peeking out of Santa's shiny red boot, this playful pup encourages one and all to have a "soleful" holiday while celebrating the year 2017 Any dog lover will adore this clever reminder of all 2017's ... more info.

"Your Love Is So Appealing" Resin Figurine
Price: $20.99

Showing how love can be ever so 'ap-peal-ing', this handy angel wears a chef's hat and coat, the work is done with a paring knife in hand and joy in the heart Little helpers in the kitchen can be ... more info.

Sterling Silver Angel Birthstone Pendant - July
Price: $49.99

A personal and thoughtful gift is always appreciated. Give someone with a July birthday our beautiful July birthstone angel pendent and watch their eyes light up! Featuring a created ruby, it honors ... more info.

"Tons Of Love - Tuk Elephant" Stuffed Animal
Price: $13.99

With huge, floppy ears and a big trunk, Tuk Elephant provides tons to love Perfect for the child who loves animals and needs something to hug at night Fits 'just right' in a stroller or as bedroom ... more info.

I'm So Sorry - Aburn
Price: $46.99

Sometimes all you can do is say, "I'm Sorry." Whether you are sorry for someone's loss or apologizing for a wrong-doing, this cutie helps you say the words. She is feeling blue, for sure, dressed in ... more info.

"Trio Hanging Stand" Metal Display Stand
Price: $35.99

No Christmas tree required! Display three favorite Ne'Qwa ArtA(R) ornaments of any shape in a home or an office during any time of year The sleek silver finish provides the perfect backdrop for your ... more info.

"Growing In Grace, Age 8", Blonde Girl Figurine
Price: $40.99

A caring 8-year old plays with her puppy showing that kindness is shown through our actions even more so than through the words we speak. Show her how much you adore her playful side with this sweet ... more info.

"Sole Sisters, - Together Forever" Resin Figurine, Snow Globe
Price: $20.99

This mini glass water globe offers an extra little surprise-a drawer that actually opens to reveal the purple shoe that matches the one inside the globe! Purchase multiple boxes and start a ... more info.

"Holiday Music" Wine Stopper
Price: $26.99

The Christmas season is filled with vibrant color and heartwarming song, both of which are depicted here upon a beautiful and durable wine stopper. Top a favorite vintage or any glass bottle with a ... more info.

"Scotland" Resin Figurine
Price: $40.99

With bagpipes in hand, Tartan attire and a West Highland white terrier by his side, this lively Scottish Santa is a striking figure Collectors will appreciate the fine detail of the bagpipes and the ... more info.

"There Is No Place Like Home" Tin Man Figurine
Price: $17.99

The Tin Man, from the magical Land of Oz, is Dorothy's companion and loyal comrade as she journeys to see the Wizard. He's ready for action on a yellow brick road base. Join the base of all four ... more info.

My Thoughts Are Filled With You -Mickey Mouse
Price: $50.99

Share whatever is on your mind with this classic Mickey Mouse figurine! Simply oozing vintage appeal, he stands proudly with his hands behind him, wearing his traditional red shorts. He also includes ... more info.

I Toad-ally Love You - Boy
Price: $42.99

It's no wonder why this amphibian is grinning, he is in the company of the boy who loves him best! Taking advantage of a fun pun, together they show how much someone you know is "toad-ally" loved. ... more info.

Tree-mendously Precious - Brunette
Price: $44.99

As lovely as the prettiest holiday tree in town, this Christmas cutie sparkles and shines in her evergreen tulle gown adorned with red and gold stars. A shiny golden star sits atop her long brunette ... more info.