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Master Bartender | Merry Christmas

Master Bartender Game

The mark of a Master BartenderTM is their ability to pour drinks accurately dispensing a standard serving of beer, wine, fortified wine, cordials, or spirits, without over- or under-pouring. This game is an entertaining and competitive way to create an understanding of what a real drink serving is and to promote responsible drinking. Players are challenged by the Game Play cards to pour what they believe is a standard drink for a variety of beverages. Once poured, the drink is measured in one of the sum-it-cup® measuring beakers. Players pouring accurate servings are rewarded with tip money and inaccurate pours cost the player tip money. Pouring challenges increase in the level of difficulty as the players dispense bartender advice or tell a joke while pouring a specialty drink or multiple servings of a drink. The Master Bartender is the person who can pour the most accurate drinks throughout the game and is the last person standing with tip money!

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