Merry and Santa presents a selection of Christmas games for you to play. Click on any of the links below to load your favorite Christmas game. Try them all to see what game you like the best then go to Facebook and Twitter to tell Santa and everyone else which one is your favorite!

Christmas GamesChristmas Puzzles by
Christmas GamesChristmas Games by MyGames4Girls
Christmas GamesChristmas Flashlight Scavenger Hunt
Christmas GamesElf TicTacToe
Christmas GamesGuessing Game
Christmas GamesRoony Says Follow Me!
Christmas GamesMrs. Claus's Cookie Pole
Christmas GamesFrosty's Challenge!
Christmas Games3D Tic Tac Toe
Christmas GamesBoxing with Santa
Christmas GamesRoony's Match Game
Christmas Christmas GamesSanta Puzzle
Christmas GamesToasta Chexmas
Christmas GamesMickey Mouse Puzzle
Christmas GamesChristmas Mahjong
Christmas GamesMr Rocket Penguin
Christmas GamesReindeer Rattle
Christmas GamesTrivia Quiz "Frosty the Snowman"
Christmas GamesTrivia Quiz "It's a Wonderful Life"
Christmas GamesTrivia Quiz "The Nutcracker"
Christmas GamesTrivia Quiz Around the World
Christmas GamesQ'wick Q'westion Q'west
Christmas GamesQuiz Factor - Play Christmas Quizzes and more online


More Christmas Games on Poki


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Amazing Singer

The Santa Video