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Who Is Santa?!

There is a lot here but DON’T FORGET to send your letter to Santa!

There are a few of the letters that Santa got in past years below or you
can read a whole bunch of Santa’s letters by clicking here.
Or better yet, you can get
a whole bunch of Santa’s letters in this book!

Dear Santa

I would like a couple of things, but I don't really matter. The kids that do matter are the ones that don't have a lot of stuff. Last year a got a lot of stuff from you and my parents. But this year is different. I don't need a lot of toys. So if you would, just get me a couple of toys and give the poor people what they really need. Anyway just get me some of these things: books ,littlest pet shop, legos, a cozy blanket and a couple of things in my stocking. (your choice)

Love, Julianna S.
Dear Santa

I really hope you are real. But I am not so sure. It might be against your rules, but on Christmas eve, could you come wake me up? Just to reasure me. If it IS against your rules, just put on one of my preasants: From supercalifragilisticsexpialidocious. I want to know I promise I wont tell anyone. I know how buisy you are, and I am sorry it is last notice, but please be sure to get a pair of brown cowgirl boots, and some overawls. I would really appriciate it. I have a question. My mommy says that you hide preasents all around the world because your sled isnt big enough. How big is your sled?

Dear Santa

all i want for christmas) PLEASE this is all i want is for Mrs.Santa to have a baby child and name it after ME!!! PLEASE oh PLEASE i know i have been very good latley. I think you need a kid sooooooo....... please i want you to have a baby!!!!!!!! Love Santa Jr. P.S, next christmas i want to see him, or her if you don't i will be very mad! Just Joking with you big guy!!!!!!!!!! LOL
P.S.S I also want a WII......!!!!!!

emy j




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It's Christmas Day